Our Services

ACT is a company that lends its long list of services to a wide array of industries that include biotechnology and pharmaceutical, research and development, manufacturing, and the high-tech market sector, to mention but a few. We are also instrumental in helping a huge number of Fortune 500 entities in the U.S. maintain what is considered a high standard of health, safety, and environmental compliance requirements.
ACT has a complete grasp of each of our client’s goals, and our highly trained and dedicated staff members understand these goals as well. With this, and with the use of our list of one-stop solutions, we help our clientele achieve these. We develop individual solutions for hazardous waste management and create environmental compliance plans for each company, always with the best outcome for each one in mind. This dedication to personalized service is crucial because each business has unique needs that need to be taken care of, and with the best solutions being enacted for every need.
This can only be achieved with the help of ACT’s 3-step system – Predict, Plan, and Process. Synergy is achieved when these 3 P’s come into play, making each personalized solution work effectively for each company. This is because ACT understands what your needs are in terms of hazardous waste remediation, and this understanding leads to the proper planning of each company’s disposal requirements, which we put into motion with the use of only certified disposal sites, as well as with the use of our own TSDF.


Comprehensive Waste Management

Comprehensive Waste Management means that we help you do much more than just dispose of your hazardous waste. Our range of services will help you:

Predict — Your needs for hazardous waste remediation
Plan — The most effective management and disposal methods
Process — Rest assured that you are using the safest and most efficient remediation methods possible

ACT keeps you:

Safe — By reducing your risks
Secure — By meeting all regulations
Profitable — By keeping remediation efficient

Parts Washer Service

ACT is pleased to offer aqueous / water based parts washers. Our systems are environmentally friendly and contain zero VOCs. Benefits include reduced employee risk, no permit required, non-flammable, lower service cost and better overall cleaning. The non-solvent systems are non-toxic and meet Air Quality Management District Guidelines and clean a wider range of applications than solvent based part washers. Check out one of the models below for additional information:
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ACT provides complete:

Parts washer service offering a full line of parts washing equipment
Equipment rental, purchase and/or lease options to fit your parts washer needs
Service and solutions for your existing owned parts washing equipment
ACT 19 Aqueous Parts Washer

For service or questions call Brian at 209-401-0082209-401-0082


Transportation and Disposal

ACT provides a comprehensive solution for all your hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs. As a broker, with over 50 years combined experience in waste management, we have multiple relationships with the best TSDFs in the industry.
Chemical waste — this includes flammable liquids, laboratory debris, spill clean up debris, bulk liquids.
Bulk solids, misc. laboratory chemicals (lab packs), paints/epoxies, acids, etc.
Radioactive waste — this includes aqueous liquids, contaminated debris, scintillation vials and cocktail.
Radioactive sources, and mixed waste.
Biological waste — this includes all potentially infectious materials; sharps, regulated medical waste, trace chemotherapy debris, and pharmaceutical waste.
Universal and/or electronic waste — this includes all types of small batteries, all types of fluorescent light tubes, computer monitors and equipment, and certain mercury containing apparatus.

Technical Services

In addition to transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, Advanced Chemical Transport Inc. offers an array of technical services to support the overall environmental needs of its clients.

These services include:

On-site services — ACT has experienced technicians to assist with the daily bulking and labeling of satellite containers within the labs. These services can also include regular checks of fire extinguishers, safety showers, and eye wash stations.
Equipment decontamination and cleaning — ACT’s decon staff possess the skills to clean the most dangerous and complex equipment. Whether the job requires entry into clean room environments or supplied air PPE, ACT can handle the most difficult functions.
Chemical moves — Most companies do not have permits to move hazardous materials. ACT provides this service as well as support for relocating individual laboratories and entire facilities. We have the capabilities to move hazardous chemicals a few blocks or across the entire state.
Chemical inventory — Since most companies are required to have updated chemical inventories on an annual basis, ACT offers assistance with keeping these inventories current.
Site closures — ACT can assist with site closures from a decontamination level to phase I assessments and reports.
Emergency spill response — Many of our clients have us as their first responder in their HMBP. ACT has a first response team that can handle most of your emergency needs. ACT is also teamed with several other industry responders to handle large and complex spills.

Vacuum Truck Service

ACT understands what happens when your waste tanks and underground storage systems start to overflow – your business suffers. To prevent that, ACT has experienced professionals providing both scheduled and emergency vacuum services. We will recommend a service schedule that keeps your business moving forward.

ACT provides specialized vacuum services, transportation and disposal of clarifier waste water, tank rinsates and contaminated ground water. These services have proven to be valuable to our customers.

When a service call is received our experienced service technicians assess the customer’s unique requirements and respond quickly with safe and efficient waste-water management. Many customers take advantage of ACT’s exclusive service contract to maintain their sumps and clarifiers. This not only saves them money, but helps ensure regulatory compliance for sanitary sewage discharge requirements.

ACT services many industrial customers and reclaims thousands of gallons of waste-water every year. The water is treated, purified and sent to treatment facilities for re-use.

ACT’s vacuum truck services include:

Clarifier (sump) cleaning and maintenance
Car and truck wash sump/clarifier cleaning
Underground storage tank removal and pit dewatering
Underground storage tank cleaning
Portable storage tank cleaning and disposal
Construction dewatering for non-potable water
Pumping of food grade sludge
Hazardous materials spill clean-up and emergency spill response
Waste water management
Storage tank steam cleaning and decontamination
Separator sludge
Oily water
Non-hazardous water
Non-RCRA water
Wastewater analysis

For service or questions call Brian at 1-866-333-92221-866-333-9222


Environmental Health and Safety

ACT can assist with all regulatory permitting, compliance and industrial hygiene needs. ACT can provide assistance from writing permits and safety programs to providing training and conducting facility safety audits. Some of the EH&S support we offer includes:

Conducting industrial hygiene,indoor air quality and radioactive materials wipe surveys
Performing facility environmental and safety assessments and workplace ergonomic evaluations
Preparing site-specific written safety programs such as:

Injury and Illness Prevention
Radiation Safety
Biosafety / Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Hygiene
Hazard Communication
Hearing Conservation
Respiratory Protection
Preparing regulatory compliance documents such as:
Radioactive Materials License Applications/Amendments/Closeouts
Hazardous Materials Business Plans
Biennial Hazardous Waste Reports
Industrial Discharge Applications
APCD Permits
Fire Department Permits
Acting as the point of contact during inspections from a variety of regulatory agencies
Conducting fume hood ventilation surveys and respiratory fit testing

Conducting training sessions in the following areas:

Injury & Illness Prevention Program
Radiation Safety
Biosafety / Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Hygiene
Hazard Communication
Respiratory Protection
Shipping Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Waste Awareness

Environmental Contracting

At all times safety and quality service is ACT’s top priority. ACT maintains the licenses and equipment to handle your environmental contracting needs. Our team of fully trained and knowledgeable personnel pride themselves on making the impossible possible. With ACT’s superior service & attention to detail ACT enjoys repeat clients and long term customer relationships. ACT provides these services to over 600 companies in the state of California. Let ACT help your company, by becoming your Environmental and Industrial Services contractor, and Emergency Response Team.

Environmental Contracting: ACT holds Class A Contractor’s License with Hazardous Materials Endorsement, OSHA certification, HAZWOPER certification as well as HM 181certification, and DOT certification. ACT utilizes the industries state of the art equipment including confined space entry equipment, and emergency spill response equipment, cleaning equipment, and top of the line vacuum trucks.

Spill Response: At ACT we know that hazardous materials users must be ready in a moment’s notice, at any time to handle a spill. Let ACT handle the critical elements for a timely and safe effective response. ACT’s knowledge of hazardous materials, large stock of materials and equipment as well as some of the industries best trained personnel meansACT is always ready for you. Rest easy knowing ACT’s Emergency Response Team is just moments away from you.

Confined Space Entry: ACT specializes in confined space entry. Let our experts enter or support your staff for construction or maintenance space entry. ACT owns & maintains the latest in confined space entry equipment, monitoring equipment, PPE and safety systems to ensure safe and quality work.

ACT currently provides the following Environmental Services to our clients:

Biohazard Cleaning and Disinfection
Building and Facility Decontamination and Closure
Confined Space Entry
Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination
Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning
Heavy Metal and Chemical Decontamination
Individual Chemical Tanks and Large Plating Tank Lines
Large–scale Tank Cleaning
PCB and Oil Decontamination
RCRA Closure of Hazardous Waste Storage Areas
Spill Cleanup
Spill Response
Tank Maintenance and Inspection
Tank and Vessel Cleaning (Decommissioning and Industrial Renovations)
Underground Tank Removal
Utility and Vault Cleaning
Waste Water treatment
Waste Water neutralization

Recycling Service

On average, Advanced Chemical Transport (ACT) recycles up to 86% of the hazardous materials we transport for our clients. Some clients receive over 95% recycling credit for their byproducts. ACT is an expert at finding outlets for spent materials and uses its national transportation system to deliver the materials to the most green and economic outlets. “The spent materials in the semiconductor industry make perfect bulk materials for the painting industry. Items with BTU value can be sent as fuels to cement kilns as fuel to process cement.” ACT recycling service is your connection between producers of waste materials and consumers who turn these materials into new products.

ACT offers a wide variety of recycling solutions in order to meet the individual environmental goals of our customers. ACT’s network of service centers throughout California provides recycling services for everything from used oil to electronic waste.ACT provides extensive recycling options for solid and liquid fuels (including solvents and debris contaminated with solvents), Non-RCRA solids, and liquids and metal bearing wastes.

ACT has long been recognized as a national and local leader in recycling, ranking in the top 100 recycling companies nationwide.

Recycling Services:

Solvent Recycling
Solid and Liquid Fuels Blending
Battery Recycling
Universal Waste Recycling
On-Site Solvent/Oil Recycling
On-Site Solvent/Oil Recycling
Oil Recycling
Commodities (cardboard, paper, plastics etc.)
Large–scale Tank Cleaning
Waste to Energy

Before employees can be required to wear any tight-fitting respirators (including “dust masks” and “filtering facepiece” respirators) they must be tested with the same make, model and size of respirator that they will be wearing to ensure the respirator fits and that it provides the appropriate level of protection for them. Fit testing must be repeated annually and when employees have physica changes that could affect respirator fit, such as significant weight changes or facial scarring.

ACT offers both Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT) and Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT). QNFT provides a numerical evaluation of respirator effectiveness and is required where respirators must achieve a high level of protection (where a “fit factor” of 100 greater is required). QLFT relies on the respirator wearer’s response to a test agent and is suitable where a lower level of protection is required. QNFT uses simple equipment and is easier to conduct.

Whichever method is appropriate, all fit testing will be conducted onsite by our trained technicians. We will demonstrate proper use of the respirator, help the employee wear (“don”) the respirator and adjust it appropriately. The technician will then conduct the fit test according to OSHA-approved protocols and provide written documentation and fit test certification. Note that OSHA regulations require documented medical clearance prior to fit testing.

Beyond a regulatory requirement, respirator fit testing is an important tool to ensure employee protection against harmful dusts, gases, vapors, and other inhalation hazards. Please contact ACT today for questions or to schedule your Respirator Fit Test.

Beyond respirator fit testing, ACT can also help with:

Development of Respiratory Protection & other OSHA programs
Implementation and recordkeeping associated with Respiratory Protection & other OSHA programs
Respirator training, as well as training on other safety and environmental topics
Industrial hygiene air sampling and exposure assessment to determine appropriate respiratory protection (or even if respiratory protection is needed)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) evaluation and selection

Bulk Solid Services

Safety and quality service are Advanced Chemical Transport’s (ACT) top priorities. ACT is pleased to announce our new line of Bulk Solid Waste Disposal Services to handle everything from routinely generated bulk solid waste to large soil and asbestos abatement projects. ACT is currently servicing over 600 companies in the U.S. and is an excellent choice for all of your bulk solid service needs.

ACT is fully permitted to transport federal and state regulated hazardous waste, as well as non-hazardous bulk solids. ACT’s comprehensive roll off services include sludge, filter cakes, contaminated soil, and construction debris.

ACT has over two dozen roll off boxes from 20 yard bins to 40 yard bins. ACT will deliver the roll off bins for you to load or ACT can load them for you. Our bins feature closable and non-closable styles with top or side loading access. ACT has the industry’s best trained employees and we will determine which size roll off bin suits your needs.

Got a tough disposal project? Our employees are trouble shooters trained to anticipate your challenges while staying on time and within budget. If you need a series of roll off bins delivered or managed for a construction or demolition project, or want your construction debris delivered to a proper recycling center or landfill, ACT is your choice.

ACT currently provides the following Bulk Solids Transportation and Disposal Services to our clients:

Non-Hazardous Class II or Class III Waste
Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)
Construction Demolition Debris Recycling
Contaminated Soil, Recycling & Disposal
Solid Hazardous Waste
RCRA Debris (metal bearing wastes)
Filter Cakes
Metal for Recycling

Universal E-Waste

Advanced Chemical Transport, Inc. understands many individuals and corporations generate universal/ electronic waste, which is why our services include disposal and recycling of such material to maintain compliance. As a licensed and well staffed Universal E-Waste handler, we make every effort to recycle as much as possible, but if such treatment isn’t available, we take great care in disposing of the waste properly.

ACT owns and operates its own TSDF, in addition to only working with licensed facilities who also utilize green treatment technologies.

We assure compliance to all federal, state and county regulations, and are proud to offer such a customized, cost effective recycling program!

A specific program can be designed to meet your Universal E-Waste needs, which may include: conducting training seminars, safety inspections, maintaining necessary permits, and/ or assisting with proper storage as such waste is generated. Our skilled technicians have been trained to properly handle packaging, labeling, documentation, and transportation of all universal and electronic wastes.

ACT currently offers disposal/recycling services for the following:

Bulbs, lamps and ballasts
Household and industrial batteries
Mercury containing devices
Electronic equipment: monitors, computers, cabling etc.