Planning Safety Into Your Day

safety-2015Introduction: Our natural instincts drive us to keep ourselves safe in order to stay healthy and well. However, safety doesn’t always occur naturally. In order to keep ourselves safe, we must plan safety into each task we want to accomplish.

What is safety? It is freedom from danger.

It involves putting thought into action, creating orderliness, using knowledge and exercising caution. It is a personal commitment to looking out for your health and well-being as well as that of those around you. Accidents don’t just happen; they are caused. If we work on eliminating the causes, we can eliminate the accidents.

To be successful in accident prevention you must take the necessary steps to plan safety into your day. At the start of each day, plan your activities with safety in mind. As you leave home for your commute to work, take safety with you:

  • Are you fit to drive?
  • Are you in a frame of mind to be patient and courteous to other drivers and pedestrians?
  • Did you remember to put on your seat belt?
  • What kind of weather conditions will you encounter?
  • Can you wait to make that phone call until you’re off the road?

Safety must never be compromised for the sake of speed or convenience.

Every day you make choices that involve safety at work:

  • Did you inspect your personal protective equipment?
  • Are you wearing it properly?
  • Before you begin any task, be sure you are using the proper PPE for the hazards involved.
  • Will you make do with the wrong tool?
  • Are you using the right equipment for the job?
  • Is this too heavy for me to lift? Should I ask for help?
  • Do you know where fire extinguishers are located?
  • Should you report the minor injury to your supervisor?

A safe attitude is contagious. If your coworkers, your family and/or your children see that you take safety seriously, they will adopt your good habits and make their lives safer too. Help your family to be prepared for emergencies at home. Teach your children about fire hazards and develop a fire evacuation plan. Have a fully stocked first aid kit in your home and emergency numbers posted. Training makes you better able to plan safety into your day and to deal with emergencies when they arise.

ACT Environmental Services Ranks on Inc. Magazine Again!

aug.21.2015-inc-500Once again, Inc. Magazine has placed ACT Environmental Services on its annual Inc. 500/5000, a ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies. This marks the 6th year running that ACT has made the exclusive list. Several Fortune 500 companies have appeared on the Inc. 500/5000 list in the past – companies like LinkedIn, Yelp and Dell – but ACT is among less than 1% of companies to have done so 6 times!

“Making this list once is a great testament, but 6 times reflects our company goals,” said Walter H. Singer, President and Founder of ACT Environmental Services. “Our team’s continued hard work, passion and dedication to each other and our clients is why we grow each year.”

ACT Sponsored the El Paso, TX, St. Pius X Special Needs Group

ACT proudly sponsored the El Paso, TX, St. Pius X Special Needs Group during July’s Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. St. Pius X’s Ballet Folklorico troupe, which included Erica Ruiz, the niece of our very own Margie Fierro, performed at USC on both Sunday the 26th and Monday the 27th. The World Games, a once in a lifetime celebration at which there were over 7,000 athletes from around the world, were the largest sporting event in the world for 2015.


Pasquale Paduano, our Vice President of Operations, is very proud of ACT and his staff for their hard work and their sponsorship of this year’s games and the Ballet Folklorico group.



ACT Receives Environmental Consultant Award – 2015 Best of Sunnyvale Award

ACT Receives Environmental Consultant Award – 2015 Best of Sunnyvale Award

2015-best-of-sunnyvale-awardACT has been selected for the 2015 Best of Sunnyvale Award in the Environmental Consultant category.

Each year, the Sunnyvale Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional success in both their business category and the local community. ACT Environmental Services has helped enhance the positive image of business through service to its customers and staff alike. ACT helps make the Sunnyvale area a great place to live, work and play.

Employee Appreciation Day in Sunnyvale!

Employee Appreciation Day in Sunnyvale!

aug.4.2015-group-shotEveryone at ACT’s headquarters gathered for a group lunch to celebrate some notable accomplishments:




10 years of service from Alex Guerrero
We cannot thank Alex enough for his decade of commitment and dedication to our mission. Employees like Alex make up the backbone, not to mention the heart, of ACT.






“What I Live For” Contest Winners
Three Sunnyvale employees had their entries featured on our company-wide break room posters:
Dominique Triburzi (pictured at right)
Nathan Boskie and Juliana Cayetano (not pictured –offsite at time)
For the story of our overall winner, Escondido Office Manager Gina Bailey, please see our May 25th blog post here.

ACT Named Among the Best Places to Work for 2015

ACT Named Among the Best Places to Work for 2015

2015-best-place-to-workFor the 2nd year in a row, ACT Los Angeles has been named among the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles County. Competition was particularly fierce this year, with only 100 honorees selected from out of 400,000 entries!

At ACT Environmental Services, worker satisfaction comes in large part through real and meaningful relationships with clients and coworkers alike.

“The culture here is fantastic,” said Dan Busbee, ACT’s Los Angeles Branch Manager. “We all support each other and we stick to the mission of ACT Environmental Services. Every ACT branch is run using the same philosophy with which President and Founder Walter H. Singer started the company: success in your personal life breeds success in your professional life.”

Diane Abrams Joins ACT as Technical Sales Support

Diane Abrams Joins ACT as Technical Sales Support

diane-abramsDiane Abrams has recently joined ACT Environmental in a Technical Sales Support position. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ACT Environmental and will be instrumental in their continued success in the Arizona market. ACT Environmental provides hazardous waste management and many other environmental services. She can be reached at 602-842-9160/602-525-5641 or

ACT New Mexico teaching Our Future Environmental Specialists!

Shawn Moudy, General Manager of The Albuquerque branch in New Mexico, undertook the task of being a Mentor to 2 local school children who were doing a school report on the Environment and Oil. Shawn did this while also handling day-to-day operations of 1 of ACT’s biggest branches.

The children wanted to know several things about the environment and how oil affects it, Shawn gave them 25 years plus of his working experience on the environment and how oil can and does affect everything around it. They discussed where the oil comes from how it is extracted and how ACT manages & actually recycles oil for reuse purposes to keep it from soaking into ground water, or being buried in landfills. He explained how doing this saves habitats and keeps wildlife safe from spills due to accidents.

The 2 turned in their report with all that Shawn and ACT had taught them, and rumor has it they did quite well on it, way to go Shawn & ACT New Mexico!

We’re Hiring! An Exciting Time at ACT

It’s an exciting time at Advanced Chemical Transport (ACT)! We are looking for self-motivated individuals who can help transform the company through our key initiative moving the company to proactive and strategic sales and marketing driven company. We have a goal to grow our business greater than 15% per year and double the business in the next 5 years. There are many growth initiatives driving our objectives including looking at regional and product expansion. There are also significant strategic trends shaping our market including offering more sustainable hazardous waste management practices, developing “niche” innovative service lines, and just overall thinking outside the box. This individual will be key to position ACT as a national leader and help shape our growth. 
So, if you are up for the challenge and want to join one of the “fastest growing” employees owned firms and one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Western US then contact us and let’s grow together.

Currently we are seeking 5 new staff members for our Albuquerque branch, ranging from warehouse tech, technical support, field technician, lab pack chemist and hazardous materials technician driver Class A! If you have or know of someone who fits the bill send him or her to ACT for a life long career!

Check out our Careers section here!

What I Live For

What I Live For


In preparation for National Safety Month, employees at ACT were asked, what do you live for and what do you do safely at work so that you can pursue your passion. Gina Bailey, our dedicated Office Manager in Escondido, had an important message that we would like to share.

22 Titanium screws and rods, am I the ‘Bionic Woman’? No, but since my spinal fusion two years ago, life from this perspective looks great! Before surgery, I couldn’t remember what it felt like to be pain free. I knew I needed surgery, but I had heard all the horror stories about spinal fusions, and visions would pop into my head of my doctor like a cartoon character wearing a headlight in a small dark operating room, bearing down on my back like a mad man with screws and a screwdriver!


I finally realized the quality of my life was suffering, and this surgery was needed – I had too much living to do. My daughter was having my first grandbaby and I wanted to be able to hold this child, play with this child, and share everything I could pain-free. I decided surgery had to be my answer. And it was.

Now, three grandbabies later (yes, that was fast, right?), you wouldn’t even know I had surgery – I play with, carry and run after these babies – and I love that surgery has made it possible for me to have my life back again.


I feel like this is my second chance with my ‘new’ back, and I want to maintain this healthy back any way I can. Since my day requires deskwork, it was important I have my workspace as ergonomically correct as possible. I had an assessment done, and now I use a footrest and lower lumbar spinal support on my chair. If needed, I take a stretch break – or walk around the yard. I have made my work environment, as safe as possible, and this will enable me to maintain my healthy lifestyle through my safe work environment.

And full circle – this allows me to enjoy my life with my family and grandbabies. This is what it’s all about. This IS what I live for!