Russ Cowperthwiate joining ACT as the newly created Corporate Transportation Manager

I am excited to announce Russ Cowperthwiate joining ACT as the newly created Corporate Transportation Manager. Russ comes to us with over 28 years’ experience in the transportation services sector. In his most recent position, he was the Fleet Manager over-seeing 500 commercial vehicles. His areas of expertise include; fleet maintenance, purchasing, training, Driver safety, and transportation compliance. Along with his extensive management and administrative experience Russ has direct hands-on experience as a mechanic, heavy equipment technician, and Class A Driver with doubles and tanker endorsement.

On a personal note, Russ resides in Merced with his wife of 22 years and has a son in college.

Russ will be responsible for developing and overseeing numerous transportation maintenance, compliance, logistics, and driver safety programs. He will be working very closely with Krista, myself, and the Branch Managers. As this is a Corporate wide operations position Russ will be reporting directly to me.

Please all welcome aboard Russ to our ACT family.

ACT Merced helps with donations to the less fortunate!

20141221_145808It is with great pleasure I am able to share that ACT Merced working with Merced County Rescue Shelter was able to donate a total of four 55 gallon drums full of food, clothes and toys for the less fortunate of Merced County. I am very proud of all my staff for the way they showed the “giving spirit” and donated this much needed assistance to the local needy ,homeless and working poor of Merced County. In addition a few of our employees will be taking our families to help serve these families and less fortunate at the Merced County Rescue Mission’s annual free Christmas dinner. I cannot say enough about the generosity of our staff and how proud I am of all of them.

We are all very thankful that Advanced Chemical Transport has afforded us the opportunity to be in the position to help our community. Merry Christmas to all.

Warmest Regards,

Brian Trefault
Advanced Chemical Transport, Inc.
Merced CA

ACT Sunnyvale continues the Holiday Giving!

When Nichole Torres, Marta Prada and Janice Gogue heard about ACT’s generous donations this year they decided to do some giving themselves. They called around to the local Food Pantry and family shelters to find out what they could do, and The Sunnyvale Food & Toy Drive was on! The 3 women went out picked up 2 large barrels for food and 2 large barrels for toys, each barrel has been filled several times.

When Marta announced the food and toy drive team ACT Sunnyvale stepped up big, employees donated enough food and toys to make a few trips to the local Food Pantry and Family Shelter so that no one would go hungry or without a toy this year. Founder & President Walter H. Singer & client/partner AMAT made cash donations to each of the drives.


Nichole, Marta and Janice hope this becomes a Holiday tradition at all ACT branches around the US.

ACT wraps up Holiday Cheer with donations!

This Holiday Season ACT has generously donated over $50,000 to several different charities around the US! Organized by the entire team at ACT this years contributions provide a message of hope & joy to every corner of the disadvantaged from The Toys for Tots program to The Wounded Warriors project to name a few. ACT hopes this year no one will be left homeless, without food, or without any resources for a truly happy holiday season!
Girl in Santa HatOn Christmas morning no one wants to be left alone, hungry and with no where to go or call their own. A yearly donation is part of Advanced Chemical Transports way of giving back to our community that has helped Act become a leader that it is today.

“The opportunity to make these donations of cash to each of our 11 charities is an honor and a privilege,” said Walter H. Singer Founder & President of ACT. “The look on child’s face, or a US Military veterans face when the donations are given is heartwarming and is a big reason we donate every season. Every year we try and make donations to several charities no matter how big or small the amount or the charity.”

These are the charities we have chosen to help this year and we challenge each of you to do the same:

Toys for Tots
Wounded Warriors Project
Make A Wish Foundation
American Red Cross
Breast Cancer Research
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
NHL, Hockey Fights Cancer
University of Southern California
Sacred Heart Parish

“How Clean is Clean?”

Have you ever wondered what level of surface contamination from a given contaminant was “acceptable” for a situation? For example, what level of chromium contamination in a plating shop would represent a health hazard to workers? Or maybe, for a facility that used cadmium, what surface levels would be acceptable when the facility was being closed or vacated? In both cases, we would like the level to be “zero”, but that is not always practical, or even achievable.

DC_presentation_JimEH&S professionals are frequently asked to measure indoor surface contamination in order to evaluate the potential for worker exposure, to verify the effectiveness of control measures or to determine whether a structure is “clean” after use of hazardous materials has been discontinued.  Unfortunately there is little regulatory guidance to determine how clean is clean.  OSHA regulations (where applicable) require areas to be “as free as practicable” of removable contamination, without providing a definition of that term.  Environmental regulations have been established for soil and other media, but those standards do not apply to indoor areas.  Other commonly used approaches, including HUD levels for lead and DOE beryllium standards are limited in scope and difficult to apply to other contaminants.

Jim Kapin, manager of EH&S consulting services for ACT, taught a ½-day workshop on this subject for attendees at the American Industrial Hygiene Associate (AIHA) Fall Conference, held in Washington D.C. from 10/18/14 – 10/22/14. More than 50 conference attendees from around the country as well as several international attendees learned about the strengths and weaknesses of several commonly used approaches for evaluating indoor contamination as well as when to choose one approach over another. Wipe test methods, sampling strategy and even laboratory methods were also discussed and the session finished with hypothetical “case studies” where participants were given a set of facts and were asked to develop their own strategy.

Do you have any questions regarding surface contamination or decontamination?
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or if you would like assistance with facility decontamination or similar projects, please contact Jim Kapin, Manager of EH&S Consulting for ACT, at 619-990-5955 or

What’s going on at ACT!

ACT participated in a safety day vendor event for a Biofuel research client in Emeryville, CA. Thanks to Jason Catalano and Adam Brandin for representing ACT at the event!

ACT recently removed an underground storage tank (UST) from a client site in Hayward, CA. This picture depicts the UST being loaded onto a low bow trailer with a crane for transport via ACT as a waste for recycling.

Sunnyvale’s 7th Medical Waste Transfer Station Inspection!

On September 16, 2014 our Sunnyvale branch was inspected by the California Department of Public Health in relation to our Medical Waste Transfer Station Permit.  This is the 7th inspection conducted by the CDPH with 0 violations!

Jamie Shartzer (Operations Manager) and his team consisting of Dominique Triburzi, Fredy Vazquez, Mark Hartley, Marta Prada and Yadira Franco were well prepared and the inspector was impressed with the paperwork and condition of the facility.

This is exciting news as ACT is working closely with the CDPH to permit our new microwave disinfection unit (MDU) in our Escondido office.  The MDU is designed to shred and disinfect biomedical waste where the byproduct can be taken to a standard landfill.  Adding this treatment technology to our comprehensive waste management services will continue to help ACT grow and do much more than hazardous waste!

Thank you everyone for your hard work and for continuing to raise the bar!

ACT’s 2014 EMR just released!

ACT has once again proven we are one of the best in our industry! Our 2014 EMR rate was just released and for five years in a row our rate is below the national average of 1.0!


What is an EMR? The Experience Modification Rate is a number that is used for several purposes. Most importantly, it is used by insurance carriers to determine past and future risks. The lower the EMR, the better the Workers’ Compensation premium. This number is determined by taking information from other similar companies like payroll, losses or claims (both severity and frequency), risk of the industry and much more based over a three year time frame.

At ACT, employee safety is our number one priority and we believe that safety training has real effects on reducing workplace injuries and preventing severe injuries. Our Branch and Operations Managers take training very seriously and ensure that all employees receive the required training initially and on a monthly basis. Each of our field employees receive approximately 16 hours of training on an annual basis; whereas most of our competitors only receive eight hours of annual training. Refer to the graph below to see how well each of our locations is doing!


Go ACT Go!

ACT Los Angeles places 3rd in Best Places To Work!

Team ACT L.A. placed third in the medium sized businesses for Best Places to Work in Los Angeles!Best_Places_LA_2014 In their first time entering this survey ACT not only made the list but placed third overall.

General Manager, Dan Busbee, and Director of Operations, Pasquale Paduqno, are proud of the team they have put together in Los Angeles.

Dan Busbee, brought eight team members to the event to show how proud he is of his office. “We have a great environment in Los Angeles; from the drivers to our receptionists, we all pull together toward a common goal.”

Stephanie 10 Years with ACT!

Stephanie10YrsCongratulations Stephanie Alves! ACT would like to extend our best wishes to Stephanie on her 10th anniversary of service! Throughout the years ACT has enjoyed Stephanie’s dedication and enthusiasm for her job. Stephanie has significantly contributed to ACT’s success, particularly in the area of compliance where she has always completed the task at hand and been an example that others could follow. Stephanie started with ACT in 2004 as a CSR and quickly moved up working in sales and now with the consulting department and corporate compliance. To show our appreciation for your hard work, ACT would like to present you with a Rolex!  It’s been wonderful working with you Stephanie and your contribution and commitment to work is commendable! We wish you happiness and success now and always.