ACT Environmental Services is a Forward Thinking, Professional Organization with
Family Values and Customer Commitment

ACT’s wide variety of unique recycling solutions has allowed our clients to recycle an average of 87% of their waste shipments

We provide services for a diverse set of client industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Research, High Tech and many more. Prestigious clients including Stanford University, Applied Materials and Novartis have become and remain members of the ACT community because of our creative solutions and attention to detail.

  • Our “zero tolerance” policy with respect to safety and documentation is backed by ACT’s commitment to maintain five times the insurance required by law.
  • ACT possesses all the necessary permits and certifications issued by local, state and federal agencies, all of which are available for review upon request.

About Us

ACT Environmental Services is involved in all facets of hazardous waste management, with locations throughout the western United States. We are your single source provider for all your hazardous and biological waste management, recycling, disposal, treatment, health and safety, and compliance needs.


Our Facilities and Equipment

ACT owns and operates fully permitted TSDFs, offering recycling, fuel blending, treatment, incineration and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We also own an extensive fleet of trucks, including box vans, semi-trailers, roll trucks and vacuum tankers.


Committed to Compliance

ACT is in full compliance with Federal and State DOT and EPA regulations. ACT also possesses the lowest workers comp rating of .57 available within its employment designation.

Transportation & Disposal
We provide a comprehensive solution for all your hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs.
High Hazard Services
Our customized services include everything you need to handle the most hazardous situations and chemicals.
Bulk Solids Disposal
We handle everything from routinely-generated bulk solid waste to large soil and asbestos abatement projects.
Remediation & Construction
We design, construct, operate, maintain and provide long-term monitoring of remediation systems.
We use our national transportation system to deliver spent materials to the most green and economic outlets.
We own and operate fully-permitted (Part B RCRA) Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities.
Technical Services
We offer an array of technical services to support the overall environmental needs of our clients.
Operations & Maintenance
We are experienced in operations and maintenance of Hazardous Waste Facilities.
Vacuum Truck Services
We provide both scheduled and emergency, state-of-the-art vacuum services.

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Recognizing Our Inaugural President’s Diamond Award Winners

Congratulations to Jeff Ruhl and Mariana Sabich, recipients of ACT’s 2015 Diamond Awards! President Walter H. Singer presented them with their plaques during last week’s ACTeam meeting in Seal Beach, CA. Jeff and Mariana truly set the standard in embodying the qualities of a diamond: they are rare, brilliant and…


ACT Wins a 2015 Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal!

Each year, the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) recognizes outstanding business performance in the environmental industry with its EBJ Business Achievement Awards. ACT Environmental Services has been honored in the Mid-Size Firm category for performance in 2015. We had a record year in which we achieved 25% growth, due to gains…


Just writing to say we had a top-notch experience with ACT. Specifically, ACT’s Account Manager handled our urgent request thoroughly and pleasantly. I’m sure she had to balance other clients to meet our pressing needs, and it was greatly appreciated. There was also some “off-hours” correspondence that was essential in letting us get things done.

Thanks very much!

Controller Consultant Professional services firm

I have to say this was a new experience for my school district and me. I really thought this would be a really hard thing to do. Your company made it easy.

Your field chemist was great to work with. He took the time to explain and walk me through this process. He also worked well with my teachers and staff at all of my sites.

I would be happy to recommend ACT Environmental Services to any school district or company that needs to dispose of hazardous and/or radiological waste.

My school district is a much safer place now for all children, staff, and community members who use our sites!!

Thanks for a job well done!!

Facilities Supervisor School district

I’m glad you contacted me when you did. I found ACT to be very easy to work with and very professional. I’ve already moved you to the top of my preferred vendors list for hazardous waste disposal for Arizona and am trying to work you into our California vendors list, which is currently chosen by another branch. However, we are working on a Corporate level to standardize our hazardous waste disposal procedures, from generation of waste to characterization of waste to selection of vendors.

Environmental Compliance Specialist Chemical supplier

We would like to express to you our warmest admiration for your unfailing service to us as one of our regular suppliers. We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing best services to us as one of our critical service providers. You have always provided your services within the timeframe and you have given us the best of quality. We have never received any unsatisfactory service and never had any problems with any of our hazardous waste scheduled pick-ups from your company.

We hope you will continue with your exceptional service in the coming years as well and look forward to a long association with you.

Planner Medical solutions company

I just wanted to acknowledge the great costumer service ACT provided me over this past week. As warm, summer months start to hit Santa Clara County, we are experiencing draught issues never seen before. Currently, we are no longer actively supplying water to numerous percolation ponds used to recharge the groundwater supply. As result of the current practice, we are experiencing dry back conditions in local ponds, resulting in numerous dead fish. Some of these recharge ponds are immediately adjacent to neighboring homes. With ACT’s support, we’ve already starting transporting dead fish offsite. Our project manager expressed his thanks to me for getting the offsite disposal coordinated in such a short timeframe. I can honestly say this was solely due to ACT’s effort – I just made the request. ACT continues to make me feel like a valued costumer.

Engineer Public utility

I was quite pleased with ACT’s performance in support of my latest project, the replacement of a Waste Water Treatment unit. ACT’s role was to provide hazardous waste management in close coordination with multiple vendors on a very tight timeline. ACT provided temporary storage tanks for waste water while we decommissioned the old system and installed the new one. They provided transportation and disposal for both treatment sludge and the old tank. This involved confined space entry to accomplish tank cleaning, supply of a vacuum truck and end-dump for transport as well as labor to support the project. At project’s end they returned to clean out the temporary storage tanks and prepare them for return. All work was accomplished on time and in a professional manner.

Environmental Coordinator Wafer design company

The job went well. ACT was well-prepared and did a great job. They thoroughly decontaminated the area and took extra precautions to ensure no mercury was spread through the facility while removing the porosimeter. I was pleased with their service and performance. Thank you for a job well done.

EHS Manager Materials research company

ACT provided excellent and conscientious service for us. ACT was functional in our transition and carried out a significant job keeping the facility in compliance with regulatory agencies. ACT is reliable, honest and quick to respond to our needs. ACT carefully reviews and recommends alternative resources with competitive pricing. Overall, I have full confidence in ACT.

Manager Parts cleaning company

Our Account Manager and ACT in general have been outstanding in responsiveness to pick-ups and deliveries, including the delivery of preprinted HW labels. ACT meets our time schedules, including our sometimes short notice requests, with the utmost professionalism. ACT’s help with year-end reports and other data requests is timely and thorough. We have a good working relationship that I believe will continue well into the future. On a personal note: ACT has made my transition into EHS at my job a much smoother one. Thank you.

Engineer Sustainable technologies company

Based on my experience, I strongly recommend ACT for environmental-related services to other companies in the fields of design, manufacturing and distribution.

EHS Manager Design, manufacturing and distribution company

Our company uses ACT to haul away environmental wastes, and I’d recommend their service anytime. Our company’s Regional Account Representative is very responsive. ACT’s pricing is competitive and they do not nickel and dime you for each service that they provide. Other environmental professionals who use them also noted their customer service.

So, if you’re a small or medium-sized company, use them – they provide competitive pricing and very good customer service. I used to work for a large company, and ACT provided on-site turnkey services in addition to hazwaste hauling. Yes, if you use Clean Harbors, it may be cheaper. But ACT’s customer service cannot be beat.

Most hazwaste services are pricey and similar in cost. What makes ACT my choice is their customer service, compliance history and intellectual resources.

EHS Manager Biotech firm

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Our Customer Service Specialist will take your information and respond to you ASAP.

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Minimization

Hazardous Waste: What It Is

Hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our health or the environment. Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, gases or sludges. Hazardous waste should not be dumped into a landfill like other waste. It needs to be disposed of responsibly to prevent hazards to human and environmental health.

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste: Why It Matters

Hazardous waste disposal problems may arise when materials that can cause illnesses or pollute the environment are not handled properly. Responsible disposal of hazardous materials isn’t just the domain of heavy manufacturing. Laboratories, households and professional offices all face this challenge, too. Whether it’s medical hazardous waste disposal, industrial hazardous waste disposal or even household and commercial hazardous waste disposal, waste generators must pay careful attention to the disposition of chemicals, medical waste, radioactive waste, janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste. Each and every one of these can potentially harm people and the environment.

Improper hazardous waste disposal can harm the health of employees and local residents, as well as animals and plant life. It can contaminate soil and the local water supply and pollute the air. It can lead to a decrease in property value and expose your business to fines and/or lawsuits.

Hazardous Waste Minimization

Before developing a plan for hazardous waste disposal services, see if you can figure out how to simply make less. Try to think, “How do I prevent hazardous waste?” instead of “How do I get rid of it?” Here are a few tips to help businesses reduce hazardous waste production:

  • Substitute non-hazardous materials for hazardous materials.
  • Rethink your operating practices. Is there a less harmful way to produce your product or service?
  • Train employees in proper handling processes.
  • Improve existing equipment.
  • Replace old equipment with more efficient equipment.
  • Segregate waste types by placing them in hazardous waste disposal containers to avoid cross-contamination.

Click here for more tips from the EPA on minimizing waste.

How Should I Deal With My Hazardous Waste?

  • Step One: Partner with a fully licensed and permitted hazardous waste disposal company such as ACT Environmental Services.
  • Step Two: Develop a hazardous waste policy that clearly defines how your business reduces, handles and disposes of hazardous waste. Putting your policy in writing will help you manage hazardous waste disposal and train employees on proper procedures.
  • Step Three: Finally, thoroughly train employees on your policy and procedures regarding hazardous waste disposal. The policy will be of little use if employees don’t understand and embrace it.

In conclusion, reducing or recycling your hazardous materials is best. However, if you still have hazardous waste that requires disposal, contact us for a FREE assessment. Our hazardous waste disposal expert will recommend the best possible solution for you. ACT Environmental Services understands your needs!